Chow Chow Pow-Wow Pack (hot & mild) from The Creative Wedge

Not sure? Get both! The Pow-Wow Pack contains one jar each of the hot (Pow) & mild (Wow) Chow Chows from The Creative Wedge. Everyone will be pleased!
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Item Number: VLDS-0171

These homestyle southern Chow Chow relishes from Sloane Solanto and Barbara Densley, owners of The Creative Wedge in Virginia Beach, are sweet and a little sour, with a nice burst of spicy coming from the Pow jar!

Enjoy them in all kinds of salads, deviled eggs, or, of course, on burgers and hot dogs. Also great with beans, greens, and cheese & crackers.

These make the perfect condiment companions for picnics, cook outs and as a hostess gifts with fresh bread, cheese and/or wine.

Each of the two jars contains 12 fl. oz.

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