Clean Conscience Artisanal Organic Sipping Chocolate

You can mix it with Soy Milk, or you can mix it with Heavy Cream. But either way, you can't go wrong...

About Warm Weather Packaging: Clean Conscience recommends that items shipped to destinations above 75 degrees include an ice pack. If you order more than one Clean Conscience item, there is NO NEED to select this option more than once. A single ice pack will keep the entire insulated package cool.

Shipping note: This item is handmade to order. Please allow 2 business days until shipping.
Item Number: VLDS-0094

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Clean Conscience Chocolates is an artisan chocolate company out of Gordonsville, Virginia, and they create CLEAN healthy treats for your MIND & BODY! Their mission is to convince people that Chocolate is FOOD - not candy, and their signature line of uniquely delicious, all-natural gourmet treats are made by hand in small batches using the finest ingredients.

Treat yourself all year long with this traditional Holiday favorite! Clean Conscience turns their 70% Organic Raw Dark Chocolate couverture into the base for a decadent and healthy sipping chocolate. Simply blend into your favorite heated milk or cream (dairy, soy or coconut) or water and savor the liquid chocolate!

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Dairy / Gluten / Soy -Free, Non-GMO, No Refined Sugar

Ingredients: Raw Organic Dark Chocolate (chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar, sunflower lecithin)

Each bag contains 10 servings (10 oz.)

Shelf Life: 6 months


This product is heat sensitive. If the destination temperature is above 75 degrees you will need to select warm weather packaging. Warm weather shipping includes a reusable ice pack & insulated envelope. NOTE: If you are ordering multiple items to a single destination, you only need to select WARM WEATHER PACKAGING once for the entire order.