Cuticle Creme 3-packs from Hott Apiary (4 varieties)

The moisture your cuticles need for all weather conditions! Cold, dry, windy... or even super Hott;-)
Item Number: VLDS-0267

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Hott Apiary hives are located within a 15-mile radius of Harrisonburg on farms that follow strict no-spray methods and are free of pesticides and antibiotics. The honey is then spun, bottled and labeled in McGaheysville, where they also produce a full line of Natural Remedy products.

The Hott Apiary Cuticle Cremes contain essential oils, beeswax, and honey along with a subtle delightful scent, and are designed to improve the elasticity of your skin, provide moisture, and soothe cracks or irritations. Each creme contains both anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties to keep your cuticles happy and healthy. (And don't forget: your toes have cuticles too!)

Along with the natural essences of their particular scents, each Cuticle Creme contains Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil & Apricot Oil.

Each salve jar contains Net. Wt. 3 grams.

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